Intellectual property

Our team has extensive experience in the comprehensive management of brand portfolios, protection of innovations and industrial designs, industrial secrets and artistic creations.

Our advice covers the prior verification of the viability of the different figures protected by Intellectual Property Law, the accompaniment for their registration with the relevant authorities, and constant monitoring for the renewal and updating of these rights.

Likewise, our practice includes the defense of these rights through the filing of legal actions before different administrative (Indecopi, Customs), police and judicial authorities; as well as private organizations (WIPO) that have mechanisms in place to resolve these type of controversy. In particular, the specialization of our lawyers covers the filing and monitoring of oppositions, cancellation actions, annulment actions, complaints for administrative infractions, among other actions aimed at protecting the rights of our clients.

Our services also include the drafting and negotiation of different tools that allow the monetization of this type of rights, the absolution of queries and the drafting of reports related to current national and international regulations, as well as the comprehensive audit for the correct use and safeguarding of these creations.